I have carved out a very special niche in recent years as a pianist/performer of choice at many of Toronto's finest Retirement Residences. Drawing heavily on repertoire from "the great American songbook" - tunes deeply familiar to seniors. Residents seem keenly aware of the difference between 'just another pianist', and a true performance artist, and I have found seniors to be among the most appreciative audiences I have played for.

Among Toronto's many quality retirement residences, I am a regular and frequent performer at such as: The Dunfield, Revera's Bradgate Arms, Belmont House, Living Life on the Avenue, Etobicoke's Tapestry - and many others.

If you would like to book a truly special piano performance for your seniors, please contact me.

Music Appreciation/Music Therapy for Seniors

I conduct Musical Appreciation/Music Therapy sessions for seniors (and at some facilities for those dealing with Alzheimer's/Dementia). Music has a remarkable ability to cut through the fog of being elderly, and reach people on such a direct, visceral level. I've been grateful in the past to work at the Dotsa Bitove Academy, where I've learned much from the remarkable people I've met there. I now conduct these sessions at retirement residences throughout the city.

Sessions involve the sharing of a diverse variety of recorded music on CDs. There is discussion about what makes each piece truly special, what to listen for, and what connects a particular piece to the next one being shared. As a natural raconteur with an encyclopedic knowledge of recorded music, there is also some very good story-telling as well about the various artists involved, or how some recordings came into being.

If you or your organization can see a place for Music Appreciation/Music Therapy sessions for your Seniors, I am at your disposal and would love to hear from you.