I've been teaching jazz piano studies to private students for over 25 years. Lessons and scheduling are tailored to individual student needs, and focus is on improvisation, chord- scale theory (use of chord symbols), chord voicing techniques, listening/analysis to seminal recordings, and can organically extend to composition study as well. Techniques learned remove obstacles to having your unique "voice" come through the keyboard.

I've been blessed in having some wonderfully knowledgeable and very inspiring teachers throughout my life. What I've learned from them has made me not only a better musician, but a better teacher.


I conduct (and can tailor-design to your group's needs) participatory workshops or 'master classes' on Jazz/Improvisation, in which the nature of "spontaneous composition" is explored, with use of live performance examples at the piano, discussions, and listening to seminal recordings to broaden and excite the ears. I have designed and conducted such workshops in Public Schools, at Summer Camps, and for Corporate Clients, and can conduct such workshops for people of any age.

Please contact me directly if you are interested in such a workshop for your class or group.